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‘This Is The Sound’ of Friday night, as Christina Novelli presents her innovative new concept. After wowing The Box in 2017 with a mixture of DJ performance and vocals too, Christina invites three friends to make their Gallery debut – each of which have made an immeasurable contribution to this genre via a prized discography. Nifra will deliver a dual DJ/vocal showcase in a similar vein to Christina’s, plus Adina Butar and Audrey Gallagher on live PA duties. Expect a poignant montage of all your favourite #Trance anthems, enhanced by an intimate connection on the dance floor and close bond shared together. Here each member of the quartet picks their top track for The Box.


Christina Novelli

Christina Novelli: This is my favourite song of last year and it won ‘Tune Of The Year’ too! I will be singing this live at The Gallery on 15th February!




NIFRA: I’m super stoked for my debut performance in London and Ministry of Sound as well. I have a couple of new weapons ready for my set, but I also can’t wait to see the reaction to my track "Never Forget" on the massive sound system in The Box. You guys are in for a treat!




Adina Butar: I'm really looking forward to my solo debut performance at Ministry Of Sound! I can't wait to perform "Breathe Me To Life." I co-wrote this with Markus Schulz and we wrote it together at home one day looking out at the ocean.




Audrey Gallagher: This song is so special to me because I always knew it had potential, but could never find the right producer - to take it to where I knew it could go.  Ben was such a star and refused to give up. So with a lot of patience he persevered and it became much more than I could have ever hoped for.  I'm forever grateful to him!


‘This Is The Sound’ with Christina Novelli, plus special guests Nifra, Adina Butar & Audrey Gallagher on Friday, 15th February, tickets and more info here.




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