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As we gear up to celebrate 20 years of Hedkandi, we take a look back through the visual history of the most eye-catching brand in dance music.


Hedkandi: 20th Anniversary will take place at Ministry of Sound on Saturday 23rd February with Kings of Tomorrow, Kelli-Leigh, Howard Donald and Hedkandi founder, Mark Doyle. Get tickets & more info here.

Nu Cool 3

Nu Cool 3 was the first compilation to be released on Hedkandi Records. It was numbered HEDK001 and dropped in 1999. The first two volumes of Nu Cool were released on Jazz FM Records, the label of the radio station where Hedkandi began. The cover of Nu Cool 3 featured the second illustration from Jason Brooks - the artist debuting with Nu Cool 2. The album was comprised of soulful laid-back grooves.

Serve Chilled

A collection of true Ibiza style chill-out. Due to a printing error, 10,000 CDs were created with the miss-spelt title "Served Chilled".

Afterlife - Simplicity

The first artist album released on Hedkandi. Simplicity would go on to become one of the definitive chill-out albums of all time.

Disco Heaven

Building on the success of the previous Disco Kandi concept. Disco Heaven provided an even greater roller-skating disco vocal experience. The winged cover girl would go on to become one of the most iconic Hedkandi artworks.

Beach House 2002

The first Hedkandi compilation to be advertised on national television. Beach House 2002, became the biggest selling Hedkandi release at the time and introduced the brand to a whole new audience.

Twisted Disco

In 2003 Hedkandi took a darker turn with Twisted Disco. This album showcased deeper sounds including progressive house and electro house. It would go on to become one of the most popular Hedkandi series over the next decade.

Stonebridge - "Put 'Em High"

One of Hedkandi's biggest artist releases. Stonebridge would go on to become chart monsters. "Put 'Em High" would be one of Hedkandi's most successful releases, peaking at No.6 on the UK Singles Chart.

World Series

In 2003 Hedkandi went global with the launch of their 'World Series'. Each edition was recorded live from the dancefloor of a different global city. Kicking off in London, the series visited Brasil, Ibiza, Paris, Barcelona, Miami, Toyko and many more.

Hedkandi Hits Ibiza

Hedkandi has had a long and celebrated relationship with the White Isle. Kicking off at Base Bar in 2000, before moving to El Divino in 2003 before moving to Es Paradise and finally, its current home at the amazing O Beach Ibiza.

Booty Luv - "Boogie 2nite"

Hedkandi's highest charting single release and the quintessential Hedkandi anthem. "Boogie 2nite" reached No.2 on the UK Singles Chart.

Hedkandi Ambassadors

In 2018 Hedkandi assembled their own all-girl DJ collective. Storm, Jayli and Siggy Smalls have become an integral part of any Hedkandi event and are introducing the sound of Hedkandi to a whole new generation of clubbers.

Hedkandi Turns 20

Hedkandi returns to its spiritual home in Ministry of Sound on Sat 23rd February. We'll be celebrating 20 Years of incredible music with Kings of Tomorrow, Howard Donald, Kelli-Leigh, the Hedkandi ambassadors and Hedkandi founder, Mark Doyle. The original graphic artist, Jason Brooks, has created a brand new artwork featuring the cover girl from Disco Heaven, twenty years later.

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