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Arguably the main reason for Christmas time is coming together to celebrate with loved ones. So for The Gallery’s famous Xmas party at Ministry of Sound, this Friday we rejoice with festive friends who look forward to some mistletoe and wine – all in moderation of course - for our most anticipated night of 2019.

Before all that Ferry Corsten gives his big stocking filler for The Box, plus Ruben De Ronde next door in the 103 room – inviting Estiva & Rodg for a showcase of record label Statement!

Ferry Corsten and Gabriel & Dresden - "I Am You"

Ferry Corsten: "I Am You” is my brand new single with Gabriel & Dresden. It will be the first time playing this record in the UK, so I am very curious to see how it will be received by the fans!

Ruben De Ronde x Elevven - "Lucky Penny"

Ruben De Ronde: My top track for the Statement! Xmas party night has to be my team up with Elevven called "Lucky Penny". If you want to hear more like this, make sure to join us in the 103 room at The Gallery.

Estiva – "Kosmos"

Estiva: My top track for The Gallery Xmas party is "Kosmos". I’ve chosen this for Ministry of Sound because it’s the perfect combination of melodies and groove.

Rodg X Ruben De Ronde X Estiva – Intergalactic

Rodg: My track for Statement! at The Gallery Xmas party is "Intergalactic" with Estiva and Ruben De Ronde. It’s already been out for a few years, but it’s banging, thriving and sure to go off in the 103 room.

The Gallery’s Xmas party with Ferry Corsten in The Box and the 103 room hosted by Statement! Music, get tickets & more info here.


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