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Sam Supplier is known as one of the most energetic DJs behind the decks. The DJ, producer and radio presenter is a big personality in these scene, so we couldn't think of a more perfect candidate ahead for the toughest interview in dance music.



Describe your press shot in five words or less

New Calvin Klein model contender


House or Techno?

I blend the most energetic tracks from both! (Oh wait isn’t that just tech-house lol)


If House is a spiritual thing, who is its prophet?

Has to be Frankie Knuckles one of the originals. RIP


What does your music smell like?

An oily mechanic's garage on Byron Bay beach.


What was the first song/album you bought with your own money

The Prodigy's Experience Album. My mum thought I was loopy at age 5 or 6 dancing around to rave music! (I’ve never looked back lol)



What was your first email address?

I can’t even expose that as I still use it on a few passwords lol.


What would you say in your tinder bio?

Although I’m single I ’ve actually never even been on tinder. Although I did hear there’s a fake account so get swiping.


Best way to cure a hangover?

No word of a lie there is a new product called Freshhedz that’s just come out. You take two of them an hour before u start drinking and I swear to god you wake up the next morning with no hangover! Try them and thank me later.


What song would be your wrestling entrance theme?

Shy Fx - "Wolf"



Who’s the biggest party animal in dance music?

Me and fisher had a few messy ones together this summer in Ibiza... James Solardo is not someone you want to add into the equation either! #Animals.


You can only ever DJ B2B with one other person for the rest of your life, who is it?

Erm... Paris Hilton for lifestyle and eye candy reasons only! Hahaha


How do you describe your job to your grandmother?

DJ version of a rockstar. Lol


What’s the most expensive thing you own?

My apartment


You can only ever play one record again for the rest of your life - what is it?

"Let the Music Use You" by The Nightwriters



Who is your celebrity crush?

Margot Robbie!


Is a hotdog a sandwich?

No! Haha 


Teetotal or tearing it up?

Tearing It up! Coooooooome on


Favourite production? (pick one) lazers, disco ball, strobe, Co2, LED screen, confetti, foam, nothing or other.

LED Screen. I now have a whole 1hour visual movie that plays behind me while I play. 


You can only wear one colour for the rest of your life, black is not an option, what colour do you choose?

I do love Blue


Would you rather all your burps smell of eggs, or have a green cloud appear when you fart?

Green cloud... bad breath is the biggest turn-off.


You’re forming a cheesy pop group in the vein of 5ive, Steps, Spice Girls etc. You must all sing and do choreographed dance routines. Which other 3 DJs do you want in your band?

Erm.. let’s say, Fisher, Hatcha and my mate Dj Iron.. it would just be one big party!


6 = 2(x+2) what is x?



What’s your secret weapon to rescue a dancefloor?

Armand Van Helden - "You Don't Know Me"



If you had your own nightclub, what would you call it, and what’s the dress code?

I actually owned my own 1000 capacity club in Tottenham which I sold 5 years ago to chase my dream. It was called Opera House!


Why do lots of DJs wear masks? What’s the deal with that?

I feel I would do this if I produced a few big tracks under an alias in another genre other than House. People are too critical these days so I can see why some artists may do this.


Where’s the afters?

I’m the worst for this. I’m always friggin there wherever it is anywhere in the world! 


If a pregnant woman swims underwater, is she a submarine?

Technically yes! (I had to think about this)


Where is the strangest place you’ve DJed?

Last year some members of the Oman royal family flew me out to Bali as a surprise wedding gift to play at one of their friend's weddings on this exclusive clifftop venue. That was a mental experience.


Sam Supplier will be holding down The 103 this Saturday, while Malaa, Habstrakt, Taim and Honey + Badger will be in The Box, get tickets & more info here.


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