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Come with us now on a journey through tunes and time as we look back on our favourite tracks of the year.



Patrick Topping
“Turbo Time”

For the second release on his own Trick label, Patrick stepped away from the tech-house sound that had come to define his meteoric rise. This disco-house dancefloor weapon had the same energy as his infamous "Stay Sharpe, Say Nowt" but with a captivating original vocal line.


“Pump It Up”

As this list will attest, our pals over at Defected know an infectious groove when they hear one, and this bomb from Endor is no exception. A late entry in 2019, it's now a legitimate contender for Christmas No.1.

Endor will be debuting at Ministry of Sound in 2020, with Tough Love at Siesta on 18th Jan.


“Song for Olivia”

Released on our very own Ministry of Sound Recordings, "Song for Olivia" was a bit of a new direction for the techno-touting Skream. Released to celebrate the birth of his daughter, "Song for Olivia" was a synthy slice of heaven from one of electronic music's most vital - and increasingly versatile - artists.


Roberto Surface

Another big tune from camp Defected, the SOS Band-sampling "Joys" was ubiquitous at festivals and dancefloors throughout the summer.


“I’m Not Defeated”

Hands down the biggest track of our 2019 Glitterbox series. This triumphant call to arms from new talent Fiorious is a celebration of what it means to be LGBTQ in 2019. It's about determination, activism, visibility, and solidarity in the face of adversity. An important message, and an amazing track to boot.


The Chemical Brothers
"Got To Keep On"

The Chemical Brothers came back in a big way in 2019. Their 9th studio album, No Geography, hit No.4 on the UK album charts and lead single "Got To Keep On" was everywhere. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind director, Michal Gondry stepped in to helm an extravagant video.


Peggy Gou
“Starry Night”

A track that became such an instant classic that we had to check three times that it was only released this year. A completely inescapable earworm that somehow surpassed 2018's "It Makes You Forget".


Louie Vega & The Martinez Brothers
"Let It Go”

What happens when one of the most experienced house music producers in history teams up with two of the most in-demand DJs on the planet? Pure magic, that's what. In any other year, this would surely be our No.1 pick, but astonishingly, there are still two more whoppers to come.



If you started the decade immersed in the post-dubstep / future garage sounds of Hessle Audio, Hyperdub, et al, then this one is for you. And even if you didn't this will slay on any dancefloor in the country. Easily the biggest of 2019's Big Tunes.


“Only Human”

Kieran Hebden AKA Four Tet has probably had the biggest year of any artist in 2019. He kicked it off by selling out Alexandra Palace for two nights, released the recording of the performance as a captivating live album, went B2B with Skrillex(?!) at Warehouse Project and released two of the best tracks of his extensive career. One of those tracks, "Only Human" was released on Ministry of Sound Recordings, so there was only ever one option for our track of the year. Sorry, not sorry.

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