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Over the next two weeks, we'll be finding out sea legs as we're hosting back to back parties at Yacht Week Croatia. Kicking off on Monday 12th August with Melé and following up with Monki on Monday 19th.

To get in the mood, we thought we'd put together the ultimate soundtrack to our dream boat party. - 10 wavy tracks for smooth sailing.

You can get more info about Yacht Week here.


Daft Punk - "Fresh"

What better way to kick off a boat party than this under-appreciated early cut from Daft Punk. With the waves lapping the shore and the sunniest guitar lick you've ever heard, this is bliss.

Hotel Pools & oDDling - "Parallel"

The perfect soundtrack to a boat cruise. Chill, warm and sunny, perfect conditions.

Jan Hammer - "Crockett's Theme"

As far as we're concerned, boats were invented to listen to this song on.

Duran Duran - "Rio"

The music video for "Rio" might just be the best boat party of all time.

Chicane - "Offshore"

The sound of being at sea. "Offshore" manages to capture the vastness and beauty of the ocean like no other.

Chicane - "Saltwater"

Back to back Chicane is perfect for a boat party, once you've warmed things up with "Offshore" take it up a notch with the true classic, "Saltwater".

Damu - "Mermaid"

Throwing it back to 2011, this lesser-known track from the UK Bass years is surprisingly fitting for a boat party.

Rustie - "First Mythz"

It's well and truly taps aff time now. Get that boat rocking with this massive track from Rustie.

"Boats 'N Hoes"The Lonely Island - "I'm On A Boat" ft. T-Pain

As you're coming back into the bay, it's important to make the most of your last minutes on the boat - what better way to enter the harbour than by blasting two of the most iconic boat songs of all time. First up Will Ferrel and John C Reilly's infamous "Boats N Hoes" from Stepbrothers.

The Lonely Island - "I'm On A Boat" ft. T-Pain

It's tough to follow up something like "Boats N Hoes" but this from The Lonely Island should give you that one-two punch of comedy mixed with epicness to complete the ultimate boat party.

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