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Last time with Cosmic Gate will forever be cherished amongst fans and artist alike, after their inaugural ‘open till close’ at Ministry of Sound is now considered a career-defining moment by Nic and Bossi themselves. Hence a night of sentiment which also marked two decades of Cosmic Gate, we’re pleased to welcome CG back for this anticipated showcase of new album 20 Years: Forward Ever Backward Never - actually due for release on the same day (Friday, August 23rd). Here in this world-exclusive feature, Cosmic Gate describe the project and select five album tracks guaranteed for The Box.


20 Years: Forward Ever Backward Never – The Album


Cosmic Gate: From a musical perspective we’re really looking forward to playing this out at The Gallery as it’s turned out to be a super clubby album! It’s a mixture of brand new music and remixes, plus inviting good friends who have remixed those more established Cosmic Gate tracks too. Personally, we wanted to work on tunes that have given us inspiration over the past two decades like "Need To Feel Loved" or our remix of the classic "Lizard" by Mauro Picotto which some of you may have heard…

Cosmic Gate - "Light Years"

This is our new single. Someone said it’s a very uplifting tune with just the right amount of deep melodic parts in the break as well, we do like the hint of old school parts combined with more modern sounds and arrangement. Anyway, it’s a lot of fun to play it out!

Cosmic Gate & Foret - "Need To Feel Loved"

A track that during our career left us deeply impressed, what first started out as a bootleg we did for our DJ shows. After it was received so well we decided to give it a proper release. We tried to keep the original vibe and beauty of the strings and vocals, and add our Cosmic Gate handwriting to it - recently it's one of the biggest tunes in our sets. Just a pleasure to work on this unique song.

Cosmic Gate - "Come With Me"

Some of you might recognise the vocal!? It’s part of our very first single “The Drums” the track that started it all in 1999. Celebrating our 20th anniversary we thought it might be cool to bring back some old tunes, and so we played around with the vocal and created "Come With Me”. It’s our recent intro track and always a great momentum in our sets. We get great support from our DJ colleagues on this one and Armin Van Buuren calls it “tune of summer!”

Cosmic Gate - "The Wave 2.0"

This was our last single on our first label EMI Records, originally released in 2002. Throughout the last 15 years, we have been asked countless times (mainly by DJ colleagues) why we never released a new mix/remix of “The Wave”. Well, to be honest, we never felt it was the right moment until now! Whilst working the new mix in the studio, we really enjoyed the simplicity of the original melody, combining it with acid sounds and this new ‘in the face’ bassline.

Mauro Picotto - "Lizard" (Cosmic Gate Remix)

"Lizard" was one of our favourites when Mauro Picotto released it back in 1998 - at that time we were just at the verge of starting Cosmic Gate. It’s a perfect hybrid between club beats and pop style melody. We are very proud that Mauro Picotto gave us his permission to do a remix and on top, release it as part of our anniversary album. We tried to keep the vibe of the original alive and simply update the beat, baseline and sounds - giving it a modern dress. We hope you guys dig it….

Cosmic Gate showcase their new album 20 Years: Forward Ever Backward Never at The Gallery on Friday, August 23rd. Get tickets and more info here.


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