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What better way to celebrate twenty years of Cosmic Gate, than at The Gallery and Ministry of Sound – a heartfelt partnership which accounts for half of this two-decade period. With The Box considered home to Nic and Bossi outside of Germany, May 3rd is specially conceived to thank Londoners for your everlasting support.

By way of a poignant night ahead which also welcomes Emma Hewitt too, it’s, without doubt, Cosmic Gate’s biggest ever show in London. This is twenty years of Cosmic Gate and you are cordially invited, to their first ever open to close performance and world exclusive for The Box.

Here Cosmic Gate pick five tracks to demonstrate the musical progression of their open to close effort.

Stan Kolev - "Phases"

COSMIC GATE: Warm up nice and deep, for getting into the groove with "Phases" by Stan Kolev.

Jose Palacios - "In The End Of The Spectrum"

Lifting the pace up whilst the floor should be full now…

Cosmic Gate & Foret - "Need To Feel Loved"

Getting towards the prime time sound with our latest single and rework.

Gareth Emery - "Call To Arms"

Some of our newer remixes can’t be missing either, giving it a harder edge…

Cosmic Gate - "The Drums"

Ending fast and hard down the rabbit hole with new music, but of course also a lot of classic stuff like our very first single...

Cosmic Gate play open till close on Friday 3rd  May, plus special guest Emma Hewitt at The Gallery. Get tickets here.


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