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One of Hospitality's biggest stars, Netsky, is gearing up to debut his brand new live show at Ministry of Sound this Saturday. Ahead of that, we sat down with the man born Boris Daenen to find out what he's got in store for the SE1 crowd.


MoS: Hello Netsky! How are you doing today?

Netsky: Great thank you! Just had lunch with my mum and grandma :)


This year has already seen you play out as far as New Zealand! Where are you excited to travel to in the coming months?

I’ve just played an amazing festival in Bangkok called S2O festival. It was during Songkran which was so much fun!


You’ve recently collaborated with a lot of international stars, like Bazzi & Lil Wayne on your latest single. Have you got any more collaborations on the horizon or dream artists that you would love to work with?

So happy I got to work with so many international talents already. I spent a lot of time in LA last year working with producer duo Stargate who opened so many doors for me. I have worked with some incredible songwriters like Jozzy (who just had her first US No.1 record - congrats Jozzy!!), and there are some very exciting artist collaborations in the pipeline!


Are there any new or less ‘well-known’ artists around at the moment that you are really digging and feel everyone should check out?

Check out Montell2099 and Sachi, friends of mine from New Zealand.


"I Don’t Even Know You Anymore" came with an all-star selection of remixes, from Andy C to Nitti Gritti. If you could ask anyone in musical history to remix one of your tunes, who would it be?

A Neptunes remix would be amazing!

It’s been a few months since you were last in London. Are you excited to be playing the famous Ministry of Sound?

Beyond excited! It’s been years since I played Ministry, but I still remember very well how good the main room sounded.


What about the UK scene, do you notice a difference playing in the UK as opposed to around the rest of the world?

Brits love drum & bass, I’m gonna play a good amount of hits on Saturday, but will definitely slip in the occasional dirty dnb banger.

There’s a massive line-up joining you on the night, including the magnificent Flux Pavilion, 1991 and Jubilee. Anything you’re hoping to hear from them on the night?

One thing I love about crowds in London is that they’re usually very open-minded. I hope everybody on the line up feels comfortable with experimenting as much as they want.


What about yourself, what can fans expect from a Ministry of Sound Netsky set?

I’ve got a special treat for you! We’re bringing my new show to the UK for the first time, and I’m gonna try out LOTS of new songs. Excited to see your reaction!

And finally… What can you say to fans thinking of coming down and is there anything you can promise them or tease ahead of the night?

Come down to have a good time. I’m gonna play a proper party set, and I’ll come down to rave with you guys during my friends’ sets afterwards. Let’s go!


Netsky will be debuting his brand new live show at Ministry of Sound on Saturday 27th April, with support from Flux Pavilion, 1991 and Jubilee. Get tickets & more info here.


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