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One of the most prolific producers of bass-driven music, Flux Pavilion, is gearing up to return to Ministry of Sound. It's been a minute since he last took on the mighty sound system in The Box, so before he takes the reigns, we decided to call him up to discuss his eagerly-awaited return.


MoS: Hey Flux! How’s everything going and how has it been so far in 2019 for you?

Flux Pavilion: Yeah really good thanks, a lot of writing and experimenting going on in the laboratory.


You’ve spent 2018 across the globe. How could you summarise the past 12 months? Any standout or first-time moments?

This yeah my record label is 10 years’ old which is giving everything a sense of scale and perspective. It's the first time I’ve taken a minute to soak up the journey, and it’s been really inspiring.


You’ve collaborated with some incredible names over the past few years, any memorable stories from the studio, or planned collaborations on the horizon?

Working in New York with Soul Sonic Force was a really amazing and historic experience, straight after our session, I checked my phone and had a text with Liam Howlett and ended up pulling an all-nighter to work on a record with him too, then flew straight out to a show. Been working on a fair lump on new music with some great collaborations in there, as always, they will be a surprise.


What tracks and artists are making the rounds at the moment excite you most?

Really into the melodic dubstep style of Franky Nutz and Chime. My taste has moved into the more unusual stuff from G Jones and Flume more these days, my sets are less about the dancefloor and more about the adventure at the moment, it feels great.

On a similar note, have you got any clues for fans on upcoming releases or projects you plan on showcasing at Ministry of Sound?

So I have what is looking to become a new album in my DJ bag, there are about 6 or 7 new songs in my set that I’m playing around with, so I'd say for a Flux fan my set is very much an exploration of the unknown, expect to hear mostly music you haven’t heard before.


You have performed in the Capital many times, what is your opinion on the London crowd and can you promise them something special for your set + the classics thrown in?

I love playing in London because it just makes sense to me, it’s where I learned to understand this music, and I feel an affinity with the crowds because it feels like home. I can’t promise anything other than it will most definitely be Flux Pavilion.

Do you notice a difference performing in different countries around the world and how does London compare?

Kind of, there are different ways people respond and different things people focus on, but I’ve learnt over the years to trust whoever is in front of me. Wherever you are from, music is a global language that we all resonate with on an entirely individual level, so I play to the people in front of me, no matter what country I’m in. Americans do love fireworks though…


Of course, your last set in Dolby Atmos must have been pretty special, Does Ministry of Sound hold any noticeable significance for you and how does it feel returning alongside a huge line-up as a special guest?

Yeah, that atmos experience was amazing, such a forward-thinking way of expanding the experience, was really impressed. Ministry of sound hold so much memory for me it’s hard to explain, but it’s truly an institution of British music. It's pretty mind blowing for a building to embody something so viscerally, but MOS just feels like British dance music, no question about it.

Ministry has hosted the biggest names in the world and boasts one of the best sound systems in the UK. How excited are you for the 27th April show and back on that sound system?

Very much excited, I’m planning to bring a new toy with me to try out during my set!


What can you say to fans that are thinking of coming and what can they expect at Ministry of Sound come 27th April?

Don't think about it, I’ll see you there.


Flux will make his eagerly-anticipated return to Ministry of Sound on Saturday 27th April, alongside Netsky, get tickets & more info here.


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