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One of our all-time favourite YouTube Channels, Selected. are turning five years old this year. To celebrate they're going to take over the main room of Ministry of Sound with some of their favourite artists. On Saturday 6th October, they'll be joined by The Magician, TCTS and Friend Within. Before the party, we caught up with the guys behind Selected. to find out about their journey so far.


Get tickets and more info about 5 Years of Selected here


Firstly how is the team, and what have Selected. been up to this summer season?

The team is good! We’re busy working on a few new projects and are trying to balance this with the very hot Berlin summer.


Tell us how the journey for Selected. has been over these past 5 years?

It has been an amazing journey. There have been ups and downs, but we stayed true to ourselves and what we believe in. We wouldn’t be where we are now without our fans who always backed us even when times were rough. It has been a long journey and we enjoyed every second of it.


Can you tell us about some of your greatest moments?

One of the greatest moments was probably reaching our goal of 1M subscribers. When we started we couldn’t have dreamt of that to happen. We’re still overwhelmed by all the support since day one. Another one happened when we hosted the 103 room at MOS in 2017. Meeting fans with self-made merchandise and partying with them was too much fun. We’ve never expected this much support and it makes us so happy.



Name three standout or most memorable tracks that you have released over the past 5 years?

Tinie Tempah - "Not Letting Go" ft. Jess Glynne (XY Constant Remix)

MK - "Piece Of Me" (ft. Becky Hill)

Tchami - "Afterlife"


What has been one of the most exciting tracks that has been released from Selected.?

It’s a tough call but we’d say it is ‚ "Some People Say" by Curtis Gabriel. It’s been one of the first releases on our own label imprint. It took us a long time to clear the speech sample as it came from the leader of a religious group in the USA. Our label team managed to clear it and the release turned out great.



Onto your five-year celebrations and the party in London, how important is the Ministry of Sound show to you?

It’s a way for us to say thanks to our fans who have accompanied and supported us over the years. London is the origin of many incredible artists who influenced and changed the scene. We couldn’t think of a better place than Ministry for this event, which has been a heavyweight for so long.


How excited are you to return to London for your biggest ever event with The Magician, TCTS and Friend Within joining you?

We’re stoked! They are some of our absolute favourites and we’re proud to celebrate five years together with them.


What do you have in store for the five-year celebration show and what can you promise to the fans that are attending this special event?

We can promise an unforgettable night with loads of good vibes and banging house tunes. We are currently discussing potential special ideas for this event and any fan who is looking for an incredible five-year celebration night will not be disappointed.



What do you have planned in the near or distant future for Selected. Are there any special projects you are working on? What do the next five years have in store?

We’re working on exclusive events in locations which are going to be posted online as well as limited merchandise editions from time to time. We’ll also focus a lot more on the Selected. record label. We want to work closer with artists and help them succeed by pushing them through our platforms.


Lastly, the first five years for you have been incredible and this will be the ultimate anniversary party. What can you say to fans are already heading or thinking of coming?

They will be not disappointed! We’ll be making sure that this will be a night to remember…



Selected. will celebrate five years on Sat 6th October, tickets & more info here.



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