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MoS: How are you and what have you been up to?

Example: When I’m in Aus in Jan (usually our winter, their summer) it’s all family chill time, training and the occasional studio session. Since I’ve been back in UK from March it’s just been nonstop studio time. I left Columbia/Sony after four years of ups and downs. Started my own imprint ‘Staneric Recordings’ and set about making a mixtape, album, EP, whatever you wanna call it. This has all culminated in the release of Bangers & Ballads back in August. Like Ronseal - it does exactly what it says on the tin. Along with that I've played about 20 festivals so far this year, which is actually quite a quiet one for me!


It's been a while since we've heard new Example music, what has the response been like?

It’s been great. I think I’ve had maybe three nasty comments out of 1,000’s – and those were probably my exes haha! Nah seriously a lot of people are saying it’s a return to form. I’m just glad this music is out there, half the tracklist has been sat on for about a year with various record bosses not keen on them. Now I'm independent I can do what I want really. "Show Me How To Love" in particular is getting a great response – the video is proving popular and the streams are stacking up nicely. Three different labels didn’t want to release that one, which shows that labels aren’t always right!



What was the process of making this mixtape like and how long did it take you?

Half the tracks (well four) were already planned singles from when I was on Sony so were written around a year ago. The other five are brand new tracks which I’ve mostly co-produced myself. They were written and recorded in May, mixed in June, and released in August!


What is your favourite track from Bangers & Ballads and why?

It changes all the time to be honest. I’ve heard them so many times cos I'm always listening back to make tweaks to the production and mixdowns. Let's go with "Sit Down Gary" it sounds like nothing I’ve ever done before. It’s a proper UK Garage roller.


How excited are you to be able to showcase this new music on Sat 10th Nov for Pandemonium at Ministry of Sound?

Can't wait. There’ll be at least three new tracks in the set. It’s hard to squeeze them all in along with all the back catalogue. I’ve recently recorded songs with Darkzy and Riton in the last few weeks and I'm trying to get them to a stage where I can perform them too.


You are hosting the show labelled as Pandemonium, how much are you looking forward to this and the second showcase after the incredible SW4 after party in August?

I wanted to put together a club night that reflects all my personal tastes. I’ve never been part of just one scene, I’ve always liked to genre mash – house, trance, garage, grime, dubstep, dnb but with big global hooks that everyone can sing back at me at a festival. The lineup reflects that. Most club nights now tend to be just house-led or purist tech house or sometimes afrobeat/bashment/rap. I’m hoping Pandemonium delivers the energy and madness like the title suggests. Dirty bass, hype, MC’s, big rave riffs, a free-for-all really.



Are you excited to return to play at one of London’s most iconic clubs Ministry of Sound?

I shot the video for "Change The Way You Kiss Me" there a few years back, with 500 fans, for 10 hours. Performed the song over and over again haha! Excited to be back after August, It’s one of the worlds most iconic clubs.


You’ve played at many festivals and clubs worldwide, what is it like playing to a hometown London crowd and how do they differ from elsewhere?

London will always be most. I’ve been performing here since I was 16 at open mic events, in pubs, clubs, bars. I’ve performed here more than any other city. In probably 100 venues! (I just did a rough count lol) I’ve performed to 11 people and I’ve headlined South West Four to like 25,000. It’s a special feeling!


Can you tell us anything about what to expect from your set at Ministry of Sound? And what can you say to fans who are thinking of coming to Pandemonium Round 2?

LOTS of surprise guests. If you’ve got the energy then come to Ministry. I’ve got the energy! Have you?


Get tickets for Pandemonium at Ministry of Sound here.


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