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MoS: Hey Garry, great to have you speak with us today. Coming off the back of an Essential Mix for BBC during the Summer, what have you been up to recently with the Trance Wax project?

I've been DJing a good bit in the UK and Europe, some cool festivals in Portugal and Poland as well as an Australian debut. I've just sent the fifth Trance Wax EP off for cutting so that should be out at the start of next year.

Where and how was the Trance Wax project born and cultivated?

I have always played a few classics in my sets, and I realised some of the older tracks are too fast or too long, so I started making my own versions to fit better into my sets. The first one I made was a breakbeat edit of Push - "Strange World" a few years ago that came on to be the first track on the first EP.


As many know, this isn’t the only alias you use as an artist. How do you find juggling your time between the EJECA project and Trance Wax?

It's actually quite fun, for a while over the summer I was doing a Trance Wax set on the Friday and EJECA on Saturday, so it really keeps it interesting. It's the same in the studio, I mix it up during the week

You have a busy run of shows coming up, a date that stands out for us is the Ministry show on 17th November for He.She.They. alongside Catz ‘N Dogz and more. How much are you looking forward to playing the venue?

Ministry has a lot of history, especially with Trance. Catz 'N Dogz are great guys and probably one of the most constant producers over the last decades, you never know what to expect. Really excited for Saturday!


How great is it to be invited along to play for the He.She.They. movement? The team have been flying the flag for equality in the music industry.

Great to be on the lineup for He She They, especially with artists that play my music so there should be a great vibe throughout the club. They have a really cool ethos and in a world that can seem divided, they are building bridges.


What are the standout tracks that inspire you as an artist and particularly, spur on the Trance Wax project?

Old videos of Ministry in the 90s! Or places like Gatecrasher and Godskitchen really get me excited. Fluorescent hair and glowsticks galore!

What has been your favourite location to have played and why?

There has been a lot of good shows, I think the UK has a real love for the music. On a few occasions, I've seen tears (of joy) from people in the crowd.


There’s been a lot made about the impact and atmosphere of the Irish crowds and venues. What makes them so special and unique do you think?

I think the restricted licensing laws have something to do with it, if clubs are only open for 4 hours then people really have to go for it. The festival scene has also really blown up, I played a festival last month and it was 0 degrees but 2000 people were dancing like it was the middle of the summer!



What artists have most inspired you as a producer and are there any you are yet to play alongside who’d be a good B2B partner?

I guess people like Aphex Twin inspire me as his music is so different. For a B2B someone like Ferry Corsten would be good, he's created so many great trance tracks


Final question, if you could be a performing artist at any moment in history, what era would you go back to? Or of course, you could stay in the present moment!

Here, now, Saturday night at Ministry of Sound!


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