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It doesn't take long into your first party to realise that ravers are a completely different breed. While the city sleeps we pound the dance floor and we keep going as long as there's music playing. Today we're going to have a look at the fundamental differences between ravers and normal people.


Normal People: Get 8 Hours A Night

Normal people have their sleep apps and their memory foam mattresses.


Ravers: Don't Sleep

Ravers 'rest their eyes' while the boss isn't looking.


Normal People: Listen To The Worst Music

Cookie-cutter pop, X-Factor runners up, Country & Western... there's some truly bad stuff out there.


Ravers: Listen To The Best Music

If it's not categorisable by a BMP then we're not interested.


Normal People: Talk About People 

A few drinks down the pub turns into bitching about colleagues and work gossip.


Ravers: Talk About Music

Have you heard the new Denis Sulta track? No? Then let me talk about it for five hours.


Normal People: Shake Hands With Strangers

"Hello nice to meet you"


Ravers: Hug Strangers

"I love you, you're a unicorn person"


Normal People: Dance For An Hour 


Normal people are always looking for an excuse to get of the dancefloor - smoke break, go to the bar, toilet, call the ex...


Ravers: Dance For Days

Ravers are chanting "one more tune" after 17 straight hours


Normal People: End The Night With A Kebab

Lights up, kebab, uber, bed. Rinse. Repeat. It's like the hours between 5am and midday don't even exist for these people.


Ravers: End The Night With An After Party

Ravers have nothing against kebabs, we love them, just not when it's time for a party.


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Matthew Francey

Managing Editor.

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