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Even when hosting specific label showcases at Ministry of Sound, rarely do we welcome representatives who share such a close bond outside the booth. This is what makes 'Open Up' at Ministry so unique, where camaraderie amongst our OU ambassadors always serves The Gallery faithful well. Through performances which are meticulously planned yet still adapted during play, but more importantly - excel over other venues due to an unrivalled familiarity with The Gallery.

So for this inaugural nod to Open Up in 2018, please welcome exactly 42.8% of the notorious 'VII' collective in Simon Patterson, John Askew and Will Atkinson - to showcase a typically eclectic range of only those harder sounds. Here each Open Up artist selects their top track for The Box - and a personal narrative as to why suited for Ministry of Sound.


Simon Patterson: Dogzilla - "Dogzilla" (Alex Di Stefano Remix)

Simon Patterson: The insane new Alex Di Stefano remix of the first record I ever produced under my Dogzilla alias (with Richie Kayvan). This has to be the biggest remix I have heard in as long as I can remember.


John Askew: John Askew - "Black Coffee" (UCast Remix)

John Askew: I love the additional riff UCast added to this. Very powerful and uplifting without being cheesy. Massive.


Will Atkinson: Will Atkinson - "Fired Up" (Victims Helpline)

Will Atkinson: This is the second release of my new label, Victims Helpline, and is also the official anthem for the massive Istoria Festival that I just played in Australia with Armin and bunch of other cool cats. This mixes full on big trance riff action with a slight Prydz-esque groove.


The Gallery presents Open Up London on Friday May 25th, tickets & more info here.


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