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So the clocks have gone forward and Spring is finally here (supposedly). This time of year is like a fashion limbo, not cold enough for the winter furs but not warm enough for the full spring/summer wardrobe. But being British we are the masters of dressing for all seasons in one outfit. But if you need a helping hand here are my top tips:


1. Know your venue

With the increase in temperature comes the increase in outdoor raves. Always a good time but a risky venture in England. If you are attending an outdoor event bear in mind as soon as you start dancing and you're in a crowd you will warm up, so leave the Canada Goose at home because mans will get hot! If you've ever partied at Tobacco Docks or Printworks you'll know the temperature in these industrial venues can drop, so make sure you dress appropriately - especially if you are a smoker!


2. Layers are key

Not only does layering look badass when done well, but also it gives you options. Light layers mean you're not left holding a heavy leather jacket when trying to shake a leg.


3. Take cover

Hoods, hats or umbrellas. Take some sort of cover. I always take a bag out with me and keep a small umbrella in my bag. This umbrella has come in so useful from England to Croatia. A hat or hood on your coat also works well for all weather situations and doubles as a cover-up when you're surrounded by 'normals' on the underground home at midday the next day. We've all been there.


4. Lockers are a good investment

Many events and festivals offer locker hire for a small charge, which can be split among your friends. My friends refer to me as Bear Grylls because I liked to be prepared for everything and so to me lockers are genius as you can be prepared for all weather scenarios without having to actually carry anything with you.


5. Be practical with your footwear

Personally, open toes in any dance environment is a no-no. I've had my toes trodden on too many times in proper shoes, let alone in sandals! If you're going to a UK festival just take some bloody wellies. A rave favourite for me is a sold pair of boots, they go well with pretty much any outfit, protect your toes from other stompers and are pretty much weather proof. (I'll be doing a column specifically about my favourite raving shoes in due time).

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!


This Month's Favourites


Peggy Gou

No stranger to most of you reading this I'm sure, Peggy Gou is a Berlin based Korean DJ who is currently at the epi-centre of Gou-mania. Before becoming one of the hottest DJ properties around, Peggy Gou studied at London College of Fashion with the view to becoming a stylist before realising her true calling. Electronic music DJs often maintain some anonymity as people listen to them rather than watch. But Gou is one you cannot miss. Pairing baggy pants with salmon pink Miu Miu fur hats she looks a world away from her Berghain counterparts and I love her for it. "It doesn't matter if it's Givenchy or H&M, if it looks good, it looks good". Her style is as eclectic as her music and it merely displays just how creative Miss Peggy Gou is.



Kuki London

Close to my own heart is London brand - Kuki London. Infusing Japanese and British skate culture, this lifestyle apparel brand has encaptured London in an entirely gender-neutral street wear collection. I love unisex brands and the gender-neutral/androgynous vibe is huge in the fashion industry currently. Founder Nico Costas says "Music scene is a key inspiration from UK grime to American hip-hop, the brand is based around that culture."

Kuki London have pop up shops around East London that see launch parties featuring up and coming UK talent as well as the opportunity to buy Kuki garms and some other sick independent brands. Follow them to find out all future pop ups.



Lion and Lamb

Tucked away in the East End lies an old boozer called Lion & Lamb. Created by a group of London based DJs/promoters/producers, the pub turned performance/event venue was created as an antidote to the increasingly commercialised spaces now fulfilling Shoreditch. Spread across three floors, the ground floor serves as a bar and performance area, with a kitchen and record store soon to be added. A small and intimate venue, Lion & Lamb focuses on what much of their neighbouring venues don't - quality. This venue boasts quality from the acoustic design to the artists performing with Craig Richards and Adam Shelton regularly gracing the decks, to name a few. Lion & Lamb is not about selling out tickets and a packed out venue, but about being a haven for creatives and music lovers to come together and basically just have a real good time.

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