Earlier this week our buddy, and Rave Reviewer In Chief, Bradley Gunn Raver took to the streets of Bristol to throw an early morning breakfast rave with Sport Relief. The charity is challenging the whole nation to get moving and beat a billion steps a day, every day, from 17th-23rd March. Wisely, they teamed up with our man BGR to hype up commuters and prove that anyone can get moving and active, and warm up the city for the big Week of Sport Relief.

Unfortunately they didn't plan on this random man staying in the local Ibis to go full beast mode. You can see what went down in the video below.



Lets take a minute to just appreciate the sheer rage this man is emitting. He's quite literally roaming around barefoot yelling at people dancing for charity. Like have you ever been this angry:



I've got the full transcription of his - let's call it unfiltered dad rage - below, which we're going to go through now and analyse.


 “turn this fucking shit off!”

Is there a more Dad rage opening than this. Hearing these words takes each and everyone of us back to our teenage years, bumping a record/CD/tape/minidisc/mp3 in our room, only for our fathers to burst in. "turn this fucking shit off!" yells dad, face red with rage, feet bare as the day he was born. Before turning round, slamming the door, resuming Inspector Morse.


“It is seven o'clock in the morning, I was asleep in the fucking hotel.

I don't know what industry you work in were 7AM isn't pretty much getting up time anyway. I mean for fuck sake, I interview DJs for a living and even my alarm is set for 7:20.


"Turn the fucking noise down."

Not as strong as "turn this fucking shit off"


"Really? Do you consider this to be nice, at seven o'clock in the morning?"

How could you - charity worker. How could you even consider this to be nice. Trying to get the public more active. Raising awareness for public health and a charity fronted by the nation's sport stars. How could you even CONSIDER this to be nice at time when the vast majority of people are already out the door, on the commute.


Then as security try to calm him down

  "Do not touch me. That is assault"

Why is it, that in every viral video of someone losing their rag in public, why is it, that they always, always claim that the first person to try and calm them down is attempting to assault them. Maybe not everyone is out to assault you mate, maybe they're trying to stop you from continuing to make an ass of yourself in front of the national media. Just a thought.


As one of the event organisers approached the angry man to explain the event was for charity, he replied:

"It doesn't matter what the excuse is, it is impolite."


Things that are also impolite: yelling at strangers, swearing at charity workers, squaring up to people



I'm trying to sleep in a room there, which I paid a lot of money for. I have been working hard."

Like how important does your work have to be to be this angry, this publicly, this early. My dude unless you're single-handedly fixing the property market in that Ibis hotel room, then I think your work can wait.

Eventually the irate man stormed back to his Ibis and the party continued. The event organiser made the following statement with regards to the incident "We’re really sorry this gentleman was disturbed during our breakfast party for Sport Relief. We had informed the hotel it was happening and it was an event that was fully licensed working with Millennium Square. Breakfast parties aren’t for everybody, but we certainly got a lot of people doing their steps for Sport Relief and raising awareness around the campaign."

So despite the random rage dad, the breakfast party  was a big success for Sport Relief. You can have a look at pictures from the day here and learn more about how to get involved with Sport Relief here.


I'll leave you with this:




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