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Throwing a house party while you parents are away has long been a rite of passage for teenagers around the world. It's a path fraught with dangers, however, as inviting that many people into your parents home will usually lead to breaks, spills and stains. It appears that some industrious teens are attempting to reduce the risk factor by holding the party in a rented house.

That seems to have been the idea in Vancouver, where a 14-year-old girl rented a house over the weekend to host a party. The event soon spread on social media and up to 200 people descended on the house for a full blown rave.

The party quickly got out of hand and police were called, their spokesman had this to say; "kids were flooding out all over the place. There was a great deal of damage - artwork smashed, damage to the walls, furniture tossed into the hot tub - just a really long, long list of damage that by the owners' estimate is somewhere in the neighbourhood of $20,000."

An irate neighbour said; "the bass was picking up and the whole neighbourhood was shaking because of it, and kids just kept streaming in" and, although the police arrived within 45 minutes to calm things down, "the streets stank of Jägermeister from all the pour-out."

The home, which is worth $3.5million was rented out using the girls' parents' credit card details for $600. The parents and the homeowner have agreed to resolve the issue of damages in a civil proceeding so that no criminal charges would be brought against the teenager.



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