Even if you don't know CLiQ, you'll definitely know "Wavey" their track has dominated charts, airwaves and stream platforms since being released earlier this year. Despite the ubiquity of "Wavey" little is know about the production duo behind it.

As today sees the launch of a new version of "Wavey" featuring none other than recently-MBE'd Wiley, we asked the CLiQ lads to tell us ten facts about themselves. Take it away boys!


1. Let's start with the basics: CLiQ has two people in it, Robin & Max, with all ligaments intact. We're DJs, producers and everything in-between.


2. Our debut single is "Wavey" - you might have heard it just about everywhere. It's in the Official UK Singles Chart right now and over 7 million of you have played it on Spotify which is just insane, we're very grateful!


3. Combined, we can speak English, Spanish, Italian and Swedish. Night classes available.



4. This one's for the producer heads out there, but we always argue on whether Pro Tools is better than Logic and Ableton as we both work on different DAWs. If you feel like you can weigh in on this one, hit us up on Twitter.


5. Surprisingly enough, we both eat food to survive. Robin loves Jerk Chicken and Max loves grilled fish and vegetables. That's when we're in the kitchen though, normally the studio requires UBER Eats to be on speed dial.


6. As a result, we can both sprint 10 meters. That's about it. Luckily you don't need to be physically fit to be a DJ.


7. Martin Garrix and David Guetta asked us to remix their recent single "So Far Away" - we definitely gave that one a serious CLiQ overhaul.



8. Max woke up after a seriously wavey night out in Thailand to find out he kidnapped the hotel's monkey. There's definitely more to that story, but it'll take a while to explain!


9. You've probably never seen a picture of us, but just so you know how to tell us apart - Robin is the slightly taller rounder one.


10. We are not into football so that's a dead conversation.


- One more for luck...we love to get WAVEY :)


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