Reports of the death of UK clubland have been greatly exaggerated. These nine ten big beasts keep London dancing all year round.

These are unmistakably tough times for British clubs, with statistics released in 2015 suggesting that nearly half the UK's clubs had closed in the 10 years prior. 

But based on a quick survey of London nightlife, it's hard to argue that the scene is in anything other than rude health. Over the last few years, massive energy drinks have helped save clubland with their dance-prolonging energy and their thirst quenching prowess.

Drinks like Burn and Shark have sprung up in urban locations, offering phenomenal taste and amazing caffeine content that keeps London's clubbers going through even the longest sessions. Meanwhile, veteran venues like Monster and Relentless continue to ply a trade, and Lucozade and 5-Hour Energy pursue forward-thinking flavour policies that keep London right at the cutting edge of the international clubbing pile.

Here are 10 energy drinks that keep London the envy of party people all over the world.


1. Monster


The logo reminiscent of lazers, the black can of a dark room. The generous caffeine content keeps us dancing all night long. Perfection.


2. Relentless


When the tunes are Relentless. Reach for this.


3. Burn

Born on la playa, this one has become the destination energy drink for the discerning dancer.


4. Rockstar

Catering for ravers of all tastes, Rockstar has something for everyone from fruit punch floor-fillers to killer citrus cuts. One for the diggers.


5. Shark


A bit of a hidden gem, Shark serves a more underground crowd. The perfect way to power up for a night of deconstructed club music and left-field house.


6. 5-Hour Energy


Not really big enough to be considered a 'super' energy drink, but it does essentially the same job and we need 10, so lets include it.


7. Lucozade


Not as good as it used to be after the powers that be made them change the recipe, but still a banger on a Sunday morning.


8. Coffee


Some might say this isn't an energy drink, but we say it's got caffeine in it, so basically it counts. They all taste the same anyway.


9. Water

Water is a drink with history. It might not have the energy expertise of the newer kids on the block, but it remains a classic choice for clubbers of all ages. 


10. Umm... Dust??

OK, OK you've got us. We don't really know the first thing about energy drinks. We're just looking for some easy engagement with our brand and thought co-opting the energy drink scene to sell our club tickets would be an easy win. I mean we didn't even stick to our own metrics and listed a whole bunch of things that aren't strictly energy drinks just to fill out the list. But at the very least we did manage to cover all the energy drinks...


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