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To mark the 30th anniversary of Oakenfold's first trip to Ibiza, he will appear in THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF PERFECTO: WITH PAUL OAKENFOLD AND FRIENDS. The series of graphic novels will capture his rise to fame via the medium of "not quite true stories".

Each story will be illustrated by a different artist, with Ian McGinty turning Hunter into a Scarecrow like nightmare.

Paul Oakenfold is one of the founding fathers of UK dance music and a legendary caner to boot, but even he pales in comparison to Hunter S Thompson in the partying stakes.

Hunter rose to fame as the writer of Fear And Loathing In Las Vega, Hell's Angels and Fear And The Rum diary, his manic, drug-fuelled prose would go on to spawn Gonzo journalism and make Hunter a counter culture icon.

His daily drug regimen was the stuff of legend and he developed many famous fans, including Bill Murray, Johnny Depp and John Cusack. His brief involvement with Paul Oakenfold came when the DJ wanted Hunter to contribute spoken-word vocals to what would go on to become "Nixon's Spirit".



Paul had previously stated in an interview with Metro; "We were drinking absinthe and Hunter was wearing a hat and lipstick â trying to shock me. I told him there's now way that'll work, I've DJed in some of the best clubs in the world, I've seen a lot."


You can have a look at some excerpts from the Graphic Novel below and see Paul Oakenfold DJ at The Gallery on Friday 6th July, tickets & more info here.



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