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For the first time in our join history we're teaming up with dance titans, Spinnin' Records, to host their first ever London showcase.

Spinnin' will be bringing their roster of high-octane DJs and producers to play on the best system in the world.

Ahead of such an historic event, we caught up with BLR, who will be joining EDX, Joe Stone, Junior J, Madison Mars, Mr. Belt & Wezol and Throttle on Saturday 14th July at Spinnin' Sessions.


MoS: First of all how are you and how has your 2018 been going so far?

BLR: Hey hey I'm all good thanks, finishing some stuff in the studio right now. 2018 has been very busy so far - but great at the same time, working on lots of music for different projects.


You've recently released a new single "Wildfire", what has the response for it been like?

As far as I can see the people really seem to like it! If this wasn't the case I would probably not have answered this question tho.


What are your plans for the rest of the year, will you be releasing any music and playing at more events? You were recently in the studio with Orjan Nilsen, will there be a collaboration between you two soon and will this be previewed at the show?

At the time of the show I don't think the track will be ready yet - I am not sure yet if this will be a BLR collab to be honest, we will see, first of all we will make sure we create a dope tune and then we can always see what project would be a fit.


This will be your debut at Ministry of Sound as BLR, how excited are you to play?

Very excited, I have played MoS quite a bunch of times but never as BLR so I am excited to bring the BLR sound to you guys!


The sound system at Ministry is said to be one of the best in the world, are you looking forward to performing across this as BLR?

Most definitely - because the BLR sound has that low end punch and crisp production that shines the best on big and accurate sound systems!


There is a great line-up for the Spinnin Records show including EDX, Madison Mars and more. Who else are you looking forward to seeing?

All of em to be honest, great guys to hang out with! So it's gonna be a lot of fun.


What are you expecting from the London crowd?

Crazy as ever!


You recently uploaded a summer 2018 mix to Soundcloud, will we be hearing some of these tracks during you set at Ministry of Sound?

Might be - I am playing pretty late - the tracks in the summer mix are more laidback overall, and suited for a day on the beach setting so to say, so for a late club setting I usually prefer to go in a bit more bass heavy. We will see - I never plan my sets anyway.


What is your favourite track to currently play during your sets?

This festival mix I did for "La Luna".


Lastly, what can you promise fans ahead of the night and how excited are you to be apart of Spinnin's huge London debut?

A lot of new music for sure, also might bring some classics the MOS crowd would remember and I can't wait to come perform for you guys in London, it's gonna be so much fun! See you very soon!


BLR will play at Spinnin' Sessions on Saturday 14th July, tickets & more info here.


Connect with BLR: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter


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