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This summer will mark 30 years since acid house washed over Britain in the second summer of love. When Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling, Nicky Holloway, Mike Pickering and Graeme Park went on holiday to Ibiza they were inspired to start their own nights in the UK.

These nights became Shoom, Future, Trip and The Haçienda and they were a magnet for a new type of music that had just been pioneered in Chicago - acid house.

When acid house hit along with the advent of a new drug - ecstasy - it was a perfect storm that would change the UK's musical landscape forever.

To celebrate 30 years of acid house, we're inviting the Feelings Crew to take over Ministry for their fourth birthday. They've got A Guy Called Gerald in to deliver a history of acid lesson from the DJ booth in our main room.

He'll be joined by Tyree Cooper, TIN Man and the Menendez Brothers. While 103 will feature Feelings favourites Daniele Baldelli, Jaye Ward, DJ Karl Karlson and Brian Summers, Rachael and a super secret guest!

We're the only club still standing from the Acid House era and it's a genre thats close to our heart, so we can't wait to host a whole night of non-stop acid!


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