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It's the 5th of January, which can only mean one thing - it's Deadmau5's birthday! One of the biggest characters in the scene, and a dance music writer's dream, turns 37 today. Happy birthday Joel!!

To celebrate Mau5day we're going to take a look at two fantastic videos he's gifted the world in the past week. Both of which confirm Deadmau5 as the antihero we both need and deserve, and show him for the consummate showman and meticulous musician he is.


First up is some shaky phone footage from New Year's Eve. During his performance at Countdown NYE, he turned his iconic Cube into a giant time bomb, completely with countdown timer. If that wasn't impressive enough, he then had motherfucking Ricky and Morty beam in to try and disarm the bomb.

While they were on stage Rick repeatedly called Deadmau5 "a shithead in a mouse hat", but despite Rick being the smartest being in the universe he failed to stop the timer before it went off. When it finally exploded, Mau5 played the sound of a single party blower as confetti rained on the crowd.

All in all it was a pretty great way to ring in the New Year and very impressive that Mau5 managed to get a customised clip of the Rick and Morty.


Secondly we've got Mau5 in a more setting. During a livestream on Twitch, Deadmau5 invited his followers to submit tracks for him to roast. The 3 hour broadcast was in aid of charity and saw the esteemed producer give his verdict on a range of tracks.

But just as the broadcast was winding up, one of his fans sent in, what they described as "the greatest track of all time". Intrigued Joel hit play and instantly began sniggering when the opening bars of his very own "Faxing Berlin" filled the room.

Joel went on to roast his on track, picking it apart in the way that only someone who has spent years building their own studio can. You can watch the video above and read exactly what he has to say about "Faxing Berlin" below.


“First of all, there is no clarity in the mid-low.”
“And what’s with that f*cking cowbell?” 
“Like, that cowbell through the whole f*cking track?”
“Actually, the only think I like about this track is the melody.”
“The mix is terrible.” - Deadmau5


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