Lets face it: Darude - "Sandstorm" is probably the most instantly recognisable dance song on the planet. But even your most enthusiastic of dance music fans knows very little about the producer behind it.

Ville Virtanen has been producing, DJing and touring since "Sandstorm" constantly hit in 1999. For Ville it was truly life-changing and, to be perfectly honest, the world was never the same again.

"Sandstorm" became ubiquitous, the unofficial soundtrack to online gaming, and probably the most memed track in history (except maybe "Never Gonna Give You Up").

But where did the track come from? How was it made? What was the inspiration behind it? And why is it called Sandstorm? All those questions and more are answered in a new short by VICE which provides an oral history of quite possible the biggest anthem in dance.


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