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There's no doubt that 2017 was a fantastic year for Glasgow's most famous DJ, Jackmaster. A hero of the UK seen for over a decade, last year was arguably the first were his Mastermix brand went truly global. With him helming his own shows all around over the world, from Asia to America and everywhere in between.

His annual Mastermixes are always worth tuning into, and over the years they've gained an extra importance, as for a time SoundCloud seemed hellbent on removing them from the Internet. A few years back this forced him to upload a torrent with many of his biggest mixes as a free download for fans, but luckily the SoundCloud purges seem to have ended, and as a thank you to everyone who supported him in 2017, he's today uploaded the first ever Mastermix.

Recorded in 2006, the all vinyl set is a classic example of the kind of genre-spanning, full throttle mixes, that made Jackmaster a household name.

You can follow Jackmaster on Facebook here and read his statement in full below.


"To say thanks for all your support last year I decided to upload the first ever Mastermix, recorded in 2006. It’s an all vinyl mix that I thought was lost forever and hasn't been on the internet for 10 years or something.

It runs through everything from Ciara, Beyoncé, Janet and Missy to Mr Oizo, Drexciya and DJ Funk - original party material.

It’s a perfect example of how I was DJing when I was a wee guy and brings to mind vivid memories of the old Numbers nights we used to put on in the tiny wee basement of a gay bar where we threw the parties that gained us notoriety in Glasgow. Enjoy!" - Jackmaster


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