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It's a new year and with that comes a whole host of new music. The bad news is that January is without doubt the worst month in the clubbing calendar, but the good new is that rising Belfast DJ Jordan is here to tell you the best tracks to blast during this darkest of months.

He's been gaining notoriety in Northern Ireland and beyond with his selection prowess and technical skill. 2017 saw him make his Boiler Room debut for our pals at AVA Festival. His latest offering, VOYAGER, works elements of italo disco, rave and house, into two fresh tracks, VOYAGER, and MUSCLE MEMORY, with the mighty Brassica on remix duties.

Voyager is out now, you can get it here.


Eli Escobar - "Work It"

Jordan: American jack-of-all-trades house head, Eli Escobar never fails. Eli ticks all the boxes from soulful house grooves right through to trippy heads down workouts such as this. It manages to be uplifting and tense at the same time.


Neville Watson - "Trip City"

King of the 707 drum machine and all round acid house/techno deity, Neville Watson is a real inspiration of mine. He's on top form on this vinyl only release for peak time 303 chaos.


Red Axes feat. C.A.R. - "Five Mins"

Red Axes star has catapulted rapidly in the past 12 months, and for good reason. The Israeli duo are distinctively unique drawing elements from post-punk to electro via Nick Cave bootlegs. Here they team up with Chloe Raunet aka C.A.R. who provides the vocals.


Simon Baker - "Plastik" (Todd Terje Mix)

Old, new, borrowed but nothing blue in this list fortunately. This synth attack from Todd Terje circa 2008 is a proper dance floor builder. Everything Todd Terje touches turns to gold, from weapons like this to his more disco tipped work, via his notoriously hard to mix edits. A master.


Hugo Massien - "Messier 77"

Hugo Massien's label signings are like a who's-who of dance music in 2018. From the infamous XL Recordings to FFFR and Defected. Heads down, late night dance floor trip here with Messier 77.


Daymé Arocena - "Como" (Esa's Havana Synth Mix)

Festival music here from Dekmantel affiliate, Esa on the remix. Probably in the wrong season for this but this would be perfect beside the Adriatic Sea at Love International or a similar festival! Them synths!


Kenny Jammin Jason - "Can U Dance"

I'm a huge fan of 80's music, and I try to translate that to my own releases. Usually it's 80's pop and italo and similar that I'd draw influence from but this is straight up house music from Kenny Jammin Jason. Everything from the bass and drums to the riff is impeccable. Hands in the air material.


Big Miz - "Great Pyramid of Geezer"

We brought Big Miz to The Night Institute, our party in Belfast early last year, alongside Neville Watson. He's as good a DJ as he is a producer. If you aren't familiar, check out "The Bomb" on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. Great Pyramid of Geezer is a tongue in cheek ode to a track that everyone will recognise.


My Mine - "Hypnotic Tango"

Italo, smiley goodness here. Constantly battling the urge to do an edit of this, as they say some things best left untouched! 


TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos - "Circus Bells" (Spacemuffin Dub)

Remember Robert Armani - Circus Bells? Well when you want a chugged out version of a classic, this is the one.


Connect with Jordan: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter


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