Amongst an elite few for which the ‘open till close’ honour has been bestowed, JOHN 00 FLEMING will control The Box for 6 HOURS – especially to celebrate Volume 4 in his famed compilation series ‘Editions.’ With John holding a strong affinity with The Gallery faithful which stretches back two decades, J00F will be performing ALL NIGHT LONG for a first time ever in the UK – and giving this craftsman of the genre a rare opportunity to gradually transition towards those harder BPM levels. Expect forward thinking cuts from ‘Editions Vol.4’ entwined with a perfect balance of classics from the archives. All at a venue which John personally selected after careful consideration for the cause.


Here J00F picks a top track for each hour of his all night session in The Box, for The Gallery at Ministry of Sound on Friday February 16th.


HOUR 1: Solar Fields - "The Road To Nothingness"

J00f: It’s always important to open a room properly, don’t blast the people with full on anthems as they’re walking in, set a sense of anticipation. Let them fill the room, tease them with this hypnotic slices of psychedelic ambient.


HOUR 2: Tim Penner - "The Temptress"

An ultimate ethnic Progress experience, deep, lush and hypnotic. The breakdown always gives a very emotional tearful experience from the dance floor, its been one of my most spiritual tracks in my Record box for a while.


HOUR 3: Dezza - "Escapist"

To pull you of of that dee hypnotic groove, thrown in a slice of melodic bliss, it feel like this track is massaging you with an array of melodies putting you in a state of euphoria.


HOUR 4: Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor - "Reflection"

Now its time to crank up the energy, this is Progressive Trance bought right up to date, Jerome is currently an man that can do no wrong, those melodies are outstanding. 


HOUR 5. Will Atkinson - "Dusk"

Will’s one off forgotten gem, make in a totally unique style to his other work, and why it stands out from the rest. Powerful. Techy. Uplifting. Driving. All in one hit, a magical musical journey that just keeps evolving.


HOUR 6. Visua - "The Time Has Come"

Psy Trance, but delivered in a totally different way. Swamped with emotion, rich in pads and musical moments. Reminds me of the golden days of trance but bought bang up to date.


John 00 Fleming plays 6 hours all night long on Friday February 16th. Tickets & more info here.