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It's been a bad year for your sugary hangover favourites. Last summer Lucozade halved the sugar arcoss their full range, including the mighty Lucozade Orange. The change of recipe render the once vital hangover quencher an undrinkable mess unworthy of the proud Lucozade name.

Then, only a few days into 2018, Irn Bru took to Twitter to announce that they too would changing recipes in a bid to cut sugar. While claiming that the new 'and improved' recipe would taste identical to the old, the Lucozade wounds were still raw and literally all of Scottish Twitter lost their collective minds.

Glasgow legend Jackmaster was one of the first people to respond to the Irn Bru message, writing; "I believe in you, I believe in Bru". It seems his trust was well placed as when Scottish paper, The Daily Record were given early access to the new recipe, he was one of the people picked off the street for a blind taste test.

Jack was given both the new and old recipe in unmarked cups for him to sample, before being asked if he could tell which was which. Jack, like most of the taste testers was unable to tell the which was which. 

Talking to the reporter he said; "that is sound as fuck! I had faith in you the whole time Barr's. I told all the naysayers you were going to come through with the goods, and you've absolutely smashed it." After the taste-test article was printed, Jack posted a proud photo of himself and the paper, with the caption; "taste testing the new Irn Bru recipe for the Daily Record was defo the most Scottish thing I have ever done".

As people commented on the post asking Jack to elaborate, he replied "It tastes VERY similar. I couldn’t tell the difference".





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