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One of the craziest parties in the clubbing calendar, Holy Ship!, is currently underway in The Caribbean. The festival, which is hosted on board a Norwegian Cruise Liner, takes revellers from Florida to the Bahamas and back.

Unfortunately this year's 10th anniversary edition made the news for all the wrong reasons when 24 people were arrested on 6th while trying to board the ship. The arrest were as a result of a heavy police presence and were for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

One of those arrested was DJ Gina Turner. A host of morning yoga classes on prior Holy Ship! iterations, Turner was apprehended at 5:17 PM at Port Canaveral and later charged with one count of possession of cocaine, and two counts of possession of another controlled substance. Police did not reveal the name of the secondary controlled substance.

She was scheduled to play an early morning set on January 6 from 4 AM-6 AM, in addition to a b2b style Drum & Bass set with Mija later in the weekend. Turner was additionally scheduled to head a Numerology Workshop on Tuesday, January 9, but will no longer meet any of the 10th weekend’s bookings.

After being released from custody, Gina took to Instagram to share a message with her fans. In it she states that the two controlled substances in her possession at the time of the arrest were cannibis and a natural vitamin. The DJ cites a “false positive reading” on the natural vitamin as a culprit in the arrest, while stating that she has a card for the possession of medicinal marijuana.

Having missed all of the outward leg of the trip, Gina had Tweeted that she hoped to be on board for the return cruise, though this tweet has since be deleted. Until more details emerge it's unclear what, if any, legal ramifications Gina will face.

You can read here statement in full below and follow Gina on Instagram here.


"To my beloved family, supporters, students, friends and loved ones. As you know, normally I’m an open book about my journey, and I wish I could say more about what’s happening. But what I can say is, this is a HUGE misunderstanding and we are currently working with a lawyer to resolve it. 
Please know that I would never do anything to endanger my family, my music career, my yoga practice, or anyone else. Your kind words mean the world to me. Namaste! I love you, Gina" - DJ Gina Turner


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