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This weekend a particularly audacious thief struck an afterparty in Sydney, Australia. The XX were in town for a gig on their Australian tour and, as with any good show, there was a secret underground after party.

Ravers piled into the free party which lasted into the wee hours and featured DJ sets from Jamie XX, Romy and many more local DJs.

All seemed to be going well until almost $6,000 worth of equipment was stolen. The thieves made off with two CDJs, mixer, headphones and lights. It's unclear how they managed to make off with the equipment, or how party promoters, S3cret d00f, didn't notice the music cutting out and lights going off, but they took to social media to make the below statement.

"THANKS SO MUCH FOR COMING LAST NIGHT. ONE OF THE BEST!! SMALL PROBLEM THO.. In the early hours of this morning (around 6.30am) someone STOLE our CDJ’S, MIXER, HEADPHONES AND LIGHTS  over $6000 of equipment. It was a pretty much free party (we sold 10 tickets and let everyone else come for free). over 400 people came. Jamie XX, Romy XX, Jono Ma, Stella Mozgawa, Caius Pawson, Daniel Stricker, Jimmy Sing all played for free. If we would have charged normally for a party like this the ticket price would’ve been tons.. We lugged equipment for 2km (and outta there this morning across a live rifle range)."



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