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We've seen more than a few extreme party locations in our time, from the top of a crane to the inside of a glacier, but this one is, quite frankly, next level. Frankfurt promoters Big City Beats will be taking 55 lucky ravers to a party in zero gravity on 7th February.

The rave will take place inside an Airbus A310, the plane will take the passengers outside the earth's atmosphere to experience weightlessness for 25 minutes. Armin Van Buuren, Steve Aoki and W&W will perform throughout the 90 minute flight.

Big City Beats asked wannabe attendees to record a 20second video to explain why they should be chosen for this once in a lifetime experience. They'll pick a minimum of two pioneering ravers - one male, one female - from each continent to take flight next month.

The event should allow the promoters to nab the Guinness World Record for the world's highest party, beating out that time Magda DJed in a hot air balloon.

The zero gravity party will be something of a warm up party for the World Club Cruise in late April and the World Club Dome event on 1st-3rd June. You can find out more about all three events here.


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