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Some exciting club news this week from that timeless bible of club culture, Devon Live. This week they reported that a telephone box in the town of Kingsbridge could become the world's smallest nightclub. The Kingsbridge Town Council have already discussed the plans, with mayor Chris Povey actually suggesting the proposal.

The telephone box will be kitted out with strobe lights, neon signage, a disco ball and sound system. The idea behind the proposal, which the council admitted would likely be a temporary attraction, is to provide publicity for the town by being entered into the Guinness World Records Book.


The phonebox in question on Kingsbridge's Fore Street.


The current record holder is Rotherham's mobile disco, Club 28. It's a custom built structure, which measures 6.7 feet high, 3 feet wide and 5 feet deep. It has capacity for six dancers and one DJ. 

At 3 square feet, the telephone box in Kingsbridge would beat out Club 28 and take the record.

The council have adopted the Teltphone Box to prevent it from being removed, but unfortunately they cannot convert it into the nightclub until BT cut the telephone line. That could potentially give Club 28 enough time to shave a few inches off their dancefloor. The race for the world record is on!


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