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Deadmau5 set his troll level to expert this week when he took aim at Hardwell after the Dutch DJ announced his  with a new fragrance, ECLIPSE.

Appearing on his always-worth-a-watch Twitch livestream Zimmerman fills an empty hand sanitiser bottle with toilet water. “This is legit. This is the real deal. The is water direct from my toilet…This is legit water from the place I piss and shit”

Mere minutes after the toilet water went on sale, one of his fans nabbed the bottle for $50 - $10 dollars more than the RRP of Hardwell's ECLIPSE.

Clearly enjoying the moment, Deadmau5 exclaimed “See Hardwell? I can push this shit too, and I didn’t have to go to a board meeting or nothing.”

Well done, Mau5, well done.


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