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 Late last week we received a mysterious email asking us to attend the CitizenM tower for an unusual event. When we arrived we were greeted by people in golden Claptone masks and ushered unto a packed dancefloor.

The room was adorned with large TV screens, broadcasting rolling news coverage of what looked like a cross between an archaeological dig and a forensic team working on a murder. A countdown timer ticked over as the earth was slowly removed from a humanoid figure.

When the timer reached zero we saw what lay beneath the earth - a mummified Claptone.

With this reveal an eerie voice filled the room and Claptone himself emerged from behind the decks. He explained that he had invited us to reveal his forthcoming album Fantast and that we were about to witness the Claptone Invasion.

With that the party began in earnest, with Claptone deftly mixing his classic tracks with new album cuts and party favourites. When each new track dropped the ghostly voice revealed the title and its inclusion in the album.

As the party heated up the news footage switched to locations around the world - Sydney, Paris, Berlin, New York. In each shot Claptone-masked figures prowled the streets. The ClaptoneInvasion had come!

You can watch the party in full above and look out for Claptone's Fantast on 8th June.


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