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Everyone has their favourite DJ, but this is next level. A woman has appeared at Maidstone Magistrate's Court charged with sending sexually explicit emails to John Digweed.

49-year-old Sharon Rennie from Dundee pleaded guilty sending the emails among other offences. She was handed a two-year suspended prison sentence, ordered to pay £100 compensation and had a restraining order placed on her.

The court heard that Rennie approached him while she was DJing at The Social Festival, shouting; "It’s great to see you. Are you coming home with me?”. She had been sending the explicit emails to Digweed from June to October of last year. She also attempted to get his phone number and arrived at his house in Sevenoaks, claiming she was there to interview him.

No details have emerged of why or when the infatuation started, or what exactly her end goal was, but she did show remorse during the trail, saying she was sorry and promised never to approach or bother him again.

And she better not as the terms of her restraining order will see her jailed if she contacts Digweed or his wife, or even enters Sevenoaks for five years.

We're only 8 days in, and this has already got to be one of the strangest stories of 2018!

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