In September 2015 I started a mix series called SoundOf. Ever since then we've uploaded an hour long mix, from a guest DJ, (almost) every Wednesday. This week we reach our 100th episode milestone, something which I never could've imagined back then.

I've had the pleasure of hosting some absolutely amazing DJs, both new and established on here. We've teamed up with festivals like AVA, Eastern Electrics, Outlook, Sonus and others. We've had themed mixes, we've had live mixes, we've had the lot.

I've got an extra special 100th entry lineup up for tomorrow, but before then I'd like to be incredibly indulgent and go through my favourite 10 mixes from the previous 99 episodes.


Reset Robot

It's only been a couple of weeks since Reset Robot unleashed this pummelling mix on the world, but it's already one of my favourites. I've found the fast, dark, pace to really help with my start of the year fitness kick, and have blasted it while I'm on the treadmill pretty much constantly since it landed in my inbox.



I wanted to kick off summer 2016 with a sun-kissed mix to get us dreaming of Ibiza, and who better than the Sultan of Summer himself, Viceroy. However when he delivered the mix, Viceroy explained that rather than going for his usual tropical sounds, he wanted to record a mix of his influences. When this hour of 2008 indie electro arrived, I couldn't be more impressed. Not only was it an expertly crafted summation of that time and genre, it also happened to be almost exactly what I listened to in the early days of Uni. A wonderful surprise.



YouTube tastemakers, Selected, used SoundOf as the launchpad for their first ever mix. Not only was it an honour to have them debut on the show, it was also extremely well recieved and is currently our most listened to mix ever, with over 180,000 plays!


Faze Miyaki

Although the SoundOf back catalogue is predominantly made up of House & Techno artists, when I created the series I wanted it to champion all kinds of electronic music. In fact the first few months focused on a hugerange of different styles. Faze Miyake's grime assault of 2017 was a particular moment for me. It wasn't the first time we'd championed the genre on SoundOf, but he was a personal favourite of mine in the scene and he did not disappoint. The mix has become even more special, now that Faze DJ sets are becoming increasingly rare.



Another genre outside of four to the floor beats, Hatcha's all gone garage mix for Outlook's 10th birthday is one of the most hype, most high energy mixes we've ever had on the series. Definitely one to get you ready for the weekend. 


Seven Davis Jr

Seven Davis Jr has long been a personal favourite of mine, so to have a mix from him land in my inbox was particularly thrilling. Upon the first listen I was treated to a wealth of original Seven material and could not wait to share this with the world. 



A fantastic example of the diversity of styles and genres the series has hosted over 100 episodes. Ticklish may not be the most recognisable name on this list, but he deserves to be! The alternative beat maker turned in one of the most unique, one of the most rewarding mixes of the series and, nearly three years later, it's still one of my afterparty stables.


Eton Messy

I'll be eternally grateful to the Eton Messy lads for kickstarting our series and turning in the very first SoundOf. The mix is indicative of Eton Messy's vibe-creating skill and was the perfect way to launch all the way back in September 2015.


Luke Solomon

Our pals over at Defected / Glitterbox have provided us with an amazing selection of SoundOf mixes over the years, but  one of my absolute favourites comes from Mr. Luke Solomon. The underground hero turned in a fantastic hour of house and disco that from start to finish is just a joy to listen to.



Finally, we come to this early outing from our buddy Or:la. The Hotflush signee has had such a huge journey since she recorded this for us in October 2015. I'd been friends with her on Facebook for a couple of years and happened to stick on one of her early mixes on the office speakers one day. Over the hour at least five people came over to ask me what i was listening to - she really was that good. I immediately hit her up and asked her to record a SoundOf for us. She recorded what i believe was one of the first mixes she did for publication, I think maybe the second or third, and it's just been great to follow her career as it's exploded. Crank the speakers and get this one on now!


A huge Thank you to all 99 DJs who have contributed so far and please check back here tomorrow for episode 100.


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