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Hailed as the go-to guy for remixes, Jack Wins has been personally requested by both Axwell and Kygo for remixes. With his Axwell & Ingrosso "Dreamer" remix dropping at the start of Feb, we thought it'd be great to get Jack in the writer's chair and ask him to come up with his Top 10 Remixes of All Time.

Jack will be playing alongside Jonas Blue in Brixton later this month.


Shakedown  - "At Night" (Kid Crème)

Jack Wins: After 16 years, this is still one of my all-time favourite remixes to date – that bassline destroys any dancefloor and the vocal is now one of the most famous dance vocals out there thanks to this remix.


Hard-Fi – "Hard To Beat" (Axwell Remix)

In my opinion this is Axwell’s best remix to date – this was at the height of the UK pumping out lots of great indie bands: from Artic Monkeys to Kiaser Chiefs to Hard-fi. This remix was the start of Axwell releasing some massive original releases and remixes after his first hit "Feel The Vibe".


Tori Amos – "Professional Widow" (Armand Van Helden Remix)

It’s a very obvious one, but this remix made "Professional Widow" famous and helped boost Tori Amos’ career, which is the ultimate you can achieve as a remixer if you ask me.
Armand is one of my favourite producers/remixers and as his surname suggests he has some Dutch links ;) This remix was at the height of his remix career when he used to pop out three remixes a week!!

Nightcrawlers – "Push The Feeling On" (The Dub Room)

Just like Armand’s remix of Tori, MK turned a quite average track into a major club record and eventually a major pop hit! This remix kicked off MK’s career back in 1993 and he is still a major player in the House scene – much respect for that!


Michael Moog – "That Sound" (Full Intention Remix)

A lot of great memories for me – this came out in 1999 when I moved to London – the first compilation I bought when I arrived was Defcon 1 by Defected – at that point a relatively unknown house label. This introduced me to the UK take of US house/garage. Full Intention were a major force and were the UK remix kings of early 2000 (and still are amazing producers).


Afro Medusa – "Pasilda" (Knee Deep)

Who doesn’t know this Latin house tune from 2000? Made famous by the legendary German house duo Knee Deep. This was one of the few latin house tunes that actually crossed over in the mainstream and is just a timeless house record to me.


Jamiroquai – "Cloud 9" (Purple Disco Machine)

Here is a more recent remix. What I love about Purple Disco Machine is that he manages to capture the essence of the soulful/disco house from early 00’. This remix actually showcases the sound that made Jamiroquai famous in the 90’s – pure nostalgia!


Everything But The Girl – "Missing" (Todd Terry Club Mix)

Another legendary house producer that used to be the king of remixes back in the 90’s. He turned an unknown folk group from Bristol into major pop stars by making this amazing remix of a not so amazing original. What a legend! Funnily enough Ben Watt (one half of Everything But The Girl) ended up becoming a prolific UK house producer and label boss of Buzzin’ Fly.


Axwell & Ingrosso – "Dreamer" (Jack Wins Remix)

I was very honoured to be asked by Axwell to do this remix. It was a fun challenge to take their ‘anthemic’ sound and give it my own twist! I’m particularly happy with the chord progression – I feel it complements the vocals well. Interested to see what their fans think of it!


Jonas Blue – "We Could Go Back" (Jack Wins & Jonas Blue Remix)

After Jonas had been playing quite a lot of my productions and remixes, he reached out and asked if I wanted to collab and turn his original, more laid back track into a crossover-club banger. The only catch was that we only had three days to do it, of which two he had to be in Tokyo for the video shoot. We both had a lot of fun doing it and am pretty happy with the result! It even charted In the iTunes Top 10 in Germany.


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