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We’re back with a big one for January 4th, as Menno De Jong is back in Ministry of Sound after a 2-year absence. So to celebrate the first Gallery of 2019, Menno will perform all night long for the first time in the club. Expect a host of untested IDs reserved especially for London, plus of course poignant classics aplenty which The Gallery faithful always demand. Here Menno picks five tracks guaranteed for a spin at The Gallery’s first ever edition of ‘Menno Solo.’


Sphera & Outsiders – "Matter of Fact"

Menno De Jong: Psy Trance has been a key part of my sets these days, whether it's the first couple of tracks at a festival, a normal club set, or in the bridge between the deeper and faster parts of the night during an open to close. "Matter of Fact" has all the right ingredients in my book, the breakdown opens up really nicely with the vocal, after which the kick and bass drop the way the genre is known for, clean and tight.


Baile – "Amae" (Sasha Remix)

The way this track starts off quite mellow and inconspicuously, but then erupts into highly groovy stabs with a firm sub layered underneath two-thirds of the way in really caught my attention. Perfect stuff for the first hour or perhaps two of an extended set.


Menno de Jong – "Ananda" (Sean Tyas Remix)

After giving this remix a try using a Psy Trance approach Sean came back to me and said: "I had to make this uplifting". I'm glad he did because this is one of the best remixes anyone has ever made for me, and really works as peak time Trance material.


Eli & Fur – "Perfume" (Dosem Remix)

Hoover basses and lower BPMs take me back to an era somewhere in the early 00's. It's amusing when things come full circle, and pleasing when they sound as good as this Dosem Remix. The vocals are strawberry sweet.


Madonna – "What It Feels Like For A Girl" (Above & Beyond Club Mix)

When the show was locked in this was the first tune that I definitely wanted to play that night. The sweet whispered words of Madonna followed by the soul-piercing plucks in the breakdown will probably sound nothing short of surreal on the Ministry of Sound system.


The Gallery presents ‘Menno Solo’ at Ministry of Sound on Friday, 4th January tickets & more info here


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