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After captaining the sell-out Gallery boat party last year, both Standerwick and Sean Tyas are a combo proven for the most poignant of occasions. Tonight they come together for a one-off showcase entitled ‘Live Sessions’ which gives The Gallery faithful opportunity to experience our beloved genre in its most organic form. Expect to hear loads of untested music from both, plus classic Gallery anthems re-invigorated especially for this live domain. So #Trance as a whole is represented in its purest state – via keyboards, drum pads, MIDI controllers and a whole lot of cables!

Ahead of both live performances on Friday September 7th, Standerwick and Sean reveal how they 1st met – plus pick an all-time favourite track from each other. Feel the love…


How Sean Tyas Met Standerwick

Sean: In a dream actually. He was glistening with water-droplets in the sunlight like the man-god he is, in a tunic, and it was sensational… Actually hmmm. I think I met him before a gig somewhere in the UK - where we all went out to an insane dinner beforehand -  as he explained to me the health benefits of Broccoli.  It was still sensational but in a different sort of way.


I fu**in love this remix he did of ‘Giuseppe Ottaviani - Liverpool,’ totally awesome proper Trance and driving as hell.  Him as he reached the top of his game…


How Standerwick Met Sean Tyas 

Standerwick: I have known Sean personally now for about 5 years. I knew of Sean well before I met him. I actually used to listen to his radio show in the car well before I came into Trance. I first met him in Prague at a show along with Alex M.O.R.P.H. He became a good friend and almost mentor right at the beginning of my Trance journey. He would spend many and hour or two on Skype, showing me the basics to producing Trance. He was key in helping me develop my production skills and sound - which I still lean heavily on today.


This track of Sean’s reminds me of a time when I first started listening to Trance music. These kinds of tracks took me from a world of rock and introduced me to electronic dance music. It’s one of those tracks that invokes something inside of me, a stirring and such sweet memories. Definitely, a significant tune for me that ignited a great passion for Trance - and a career in the genre.


The Gallery presents ‘Live Sessions’ at Ministry of Sound on Friday September 7th, tickets & more info here.


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