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In May we celebrated twenty-five years of Positiva Records, with a retrospective homage by Ferry which many consider their most treasured Gallery night of all time! August at Ministry of Sound culminates with Corsten’s return to the club, especially to showcase new project ‘UNITY.’ With a mandate to unify the Trance genre both musically and amongst artists themselves, Ferry invites pal MARKUS SCHULZ to join the party – a nod to their forthcoming collaboration under the ‘UNITY’ umbrella. Individually regarded esteemed ambassadors for The Gallery – it’s a great pleasure to welcome BOTH for a unique event.

Here Ferry and Markus recount how they first met, plus nominate an all-time favourite track of each other’s – hence affirming a strong and personal friendship outside the booth.



I had been a huge admirer of his work for a very long time. It was always a challenge for me running a record store in Arizona in the late 90s; trying to import his vinyls from Europe. It would be a few years before I would eventually get to meet him in person, and that was in my hometown of Miami, where I was weekly resident at Space nightclub, and he was booked for a show there as well. We kept in touch and got to know each other better when my career became more established and I started touring internationally. Then we gravitated towards each other more when booked and backstage at the same festivals.

Ferry has such a rich palette of work that it's difficult to narrow the choice down. But the one I always go back to was produced under his ‘Albion’ alias, titled "Air". amazingly, it began life as a B-side, but the Platipus label soon spotted how special "Air" was, and gave it the platform of attention that it deserved. The atmosphere in the track I something I just absolutely adore. Hypnotic trance at the highest quality.



I First met Markus at Space in Miami where he was resident DJ. He opened the night many times for me!

My favourite track from Markus for me is “Destiny.” It’s very powerful yet emotional enough.


The Gallery presents #UNITY with Ferry Corsten and Markus Schulz on 24th August. Tickets & info here.


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