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London station, Radar Radio, have suspended all broadcasts after allegations of sexual harassment at the company. The announcement came after a wave of high profile DJs and presenters left the station on Monday night.

The allegations stemmed from a blog post by former producer Ashtart Al-Hurra, which accused the station of failing to take action on reports of sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour. This was compounded by a statement from queer WOC feminist collective, Pxssy Palace, who cut ties with the station after raising concerns about tokenism and oppression.

Just a week before these events, presenters 2Shin and Joe Bish had their show cut short after just 13 minutes, and were apparently banned from appearing on Radar Radio after they complained about station owner Ollie Ashley "paying his staff peanuts" while he "bought a £75,000 TV."

Ollie is the son of controversial Sports Direct owner, Mike Ashley, and Radar has previously come under fire for it's links to Ashley senior's organisation and questions over Radar's funding raised by journalists, have also went unanswered.

Radar have said that a full statement will be incoming, but for now they have suspended broadcasting.





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