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Rinse FM's finest, Sam Supplier, has just released new track, "Night & Day" on Champion Records. With that in mind we got him to put together two playlists, one for the day and one for the night.



Sam: Because I spend so much time making or DJing house music, my daytime playlist would be a little calmer and easy listening. Here’s a few classics that I have on shuffle on my phone, but are still a little leftfield at the same time.


Klashnekoff - "It's Murda"


A classic from like 15 years ago, before UK rappers were even accepted. Defo a tune I'm blasting while sitting in traffic in the daytime.


Skinny Man - "That's What I'm Gonna Do"

I recently heard this track again and instantly went on iTunes and bought it for my phone. Skinny man needs to get back on it.


The Streets - "Blinded By The Lights"

Absolute classic and feels really euphoric… I actually listen to this track quite a lot.


Kano - "GarageSkank"

Love this tune, and the video is a sick clever idea!


Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At"

Love the track.. I heard it again recently and even played it out a couple times. I really want to revamp it actually for 2017. That’d be sick haha.





Sam: My night time playlist is more towards the kind of sound I'm known for...


Sam Supplier - "Night & Day"

First things first, I’m obviously going to choose my forthcoming single 'Night & Day’! Out 20th October on the legendary Champion Records.


Fisher - "Ya Kidding"

The is an absolute monster of a track by my surfing friend 'Fisher' from down under. This one’s signed to Dirtybird and has been everywhere all summer.


Camelphat - "Cola"

This is the most Shazammed track of Ibiza this year!


Sterling Void & Paris – "It’s Alright" (SolarTrak Remix)

Not a huge track yet, but I really like this one and keep finding myself playing it out. You heard it here first ;)


Night Writers - "Let The Music (Use You)"

An absolute classic that I often draw for when I have the crowd in my palm.


Sam Supplier - "Night & Day" is out now, stream it here.


Connect with Sam: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter



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