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Tropical house hero, Klingande has just released his latest track "Pumped Up". The track is his take on Foster The People's 2010 folk banger, "Pumped Up Kicks". Klingande is no stranger to Ministry of Sound, frequently taking to the decks on our People from Ibiza nights, so in celebration of the his new tune, we asked the Frenchman to put together a list of the top five things that get him pumped up.


1) A Victory for Roger Federer

Klingande: I’m a huge fan of sports, tennis and Roger Federer. I try to never miss a game when I can watch it and I really get pumped up when he wins!!


2) A Glass of Champagne

It’s kind of my ritual, before every show I always drink a glass to Pump me up!


3) A Party in My Hometown of Lille, France with Friends

Of course that’s a simple pleasure of life, but in a DJ’s life you can’t see your friends everyday. So a good party in my hometown with my close friends always pumps me up!!


4) A Happy Audience

I get so Pumped Up when I see the crowd in front of me having a good time! It’s this feeling I’m looking for and I work hard on my shows to get this reaction!


5) My New Single, "Pumped Up"

Of course, and I hope it will pump you up as much as it does to me!


Klingande - "Pumped Up" is out now on Ultra Music.


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