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Oktoberfest is fast approaching and everyone's favourite German shoemaker has just released a new version of their München trainer. Not exactly heart-stopping news, until you hear the, em, kicker. That's because these shoes are beer and vomit resistant.

The special edition München also models red and white micro-checked lining inspired by the festival's tablecloths, custom messaging above the Adidas stripes reading "PROST" ("Cheers" in German) and strategic embroidery fashioned after classic Lederhosen pants.



But none of that really matters when you consider that no longer will we wake up cursing the decision to wear our new kicks to the rave. No longer will the over ambitious round carry risk a weekend trip to Schuh. No longer will your mates over indulgence ruin your look for the rest of the night. God bless you, Adi Dassler.

So, where do we sign up to road test these bad boys?


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