Through the years John O'Callaghan has cultivated some of The Gallery’s most memorable moments, via his namesake production alias plus ‘Henrik Zuberstein’ and ‘Joint Operations Centre’ too – all collectively exploring the full realm of Trance music in its various forms. Hence boasting an affinity which few others in the industry can match,

The Gallery proudly presents a debut of Total Spectrum  – and marking a return to Ministry of Sound after two years.

After sell-out shows in Buenos Aires and Dublin, John especially selected Ministry of Sound for this third iteration – the club’s famed sound system is perfect to intensify JOC’s tougher take on the whole electronic music spectrum. Plus an extended FOUR hour set increases the magnitude of this eagerly anticipated homecoming – affording John the opportunity to properly craft his performance and assert his full authority on The Box. Here are John’s top tracks from each alias for The Box on Friday night – October 27th.


Henrik Zuberstein - "Caves"

After a couple of years of being heavily into artists like Guy J and Nick Warren, I had long wanted to try my hand at making slow melodic progressive. I find it one of the most enjoyable forms of music to make as almost any sound goes, you can use out there concepts that wind back up into progressive melody and groove that is hard to do the same in other genres. Cave's was a learning platform for me and I think it also shows a trance artists attempt at being progressive but ending up a bit more melodic than they first intended.


Joint Operations Centre - "Rotterdam"

This was in a time where Sander van Doorn was heavily playing some of my Joint Ops tracks and eventually we got talking at a gig and I asked how about a single for Doorn Records. So my idea was to try and get that groove of Remy and Roland Klinkenberg. This is really not easy to achieve and I learned a lot in the process of making this track in terms of grooves that were not 1/4 straight and using 100% audio without any instruments to make an entire track. I was quite happy with the result.


John O'Callaghan - "Choice of the Angels"

My latest outing in the studio is a full on anthemic trance affair. I personally am quite proud of this one as melodically it ticks all the boxes - and in the clubs so far it has absolutely wrecked the place. Goosebumps ... Trance with a capital T - this is route 1!


John O’Callaghan presents his ‘Total Spectrum’ concept with Cold Blue and Shugz on Friday October 27th. Advance tickets HERE.


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