For the first time since 2008 Corey Worthington, AKA Australia's sixteen-year-old party king is making headlines. It's been nearly a decade since Corey threw his infamous house party that attracted hundreds of teenagers and a $20,000 fine from police.

Before we get up to 2017's revelations, lets take a moment to revisit his iconic interview on national news.



A full decade later and that video is a work of art. I defy anyone not to laugh when it first cuts from the studio to Corey. There he is, clearly swimming in the abyss of one of the worst hangovers a human could experience and yet there's that look of youthful defiance splattered across his face. It's the look you get when you agree to your fourth consecutive beer bong. A look that says "I am swirling in the vortex of this party and I will do anything to keep the banter bus trucking."

This 16 year old in 2008 is the human embodiment of 2017's obsession with The Sesh. He is the Humans of the Sesh Facebook Page incarnate, he is a Ketflix & Pills hoodie given human form, he is a sentient big bag of cans with the lads. And he's going on national news to talk about how great he is at The Sesh.



There are so many perfect elements to this video; Corey's outfit (obviously), the news reporter's condescending teacher-like tone, the point-blank refusal of either party to backdown, the "air wing of the police force", the streaker, the near instant descent in playground bickering, the 'famous' yellow glasses, the phrase "because your glasses are famous?" And of course, the immortal sign-off "I have had a look at myself, everyone has, they love it."

After the news report went viral, he made full use of his 15-minutes of fame. Appearing on Australia's Big Brother later that year among a string of other media appearances. His offer to throw parties for other people was taken up and he made thousands of dollars throwing teen parties across Australia. It's even thought that his antics provided the inspiration for the 2012 Hollywood movie, Project X. Speaking of his new found fame a year later in 2009, Corey said "I took the ride and just enjoyed it really".


His partying years came to an end in 2015 when he married his long term girlfriend and bought a house. Although in a nod to his moment in the limelight, the entire wedding party wore copies of his famous yellow glasses.

For a long time that was it from Corey, until this week his name has appeared in the news again as news of a reunion party organised on Facebook started to make headlines. Both The Daily Mail and VICE have reported on the event that seemingly has 9,000 attendees and a further 17,000 interested. Corey himself has even reposted the event with the caption "Who is ready to party?!"

Unfortunately the event is hosted by Facebook Page, I saw a UFO and nobody believed meme, so it's fairly obvious the whole reunion thing is just a joke and it's actually quite staggering that a bunch of major news outlets couldn't read the words "i saw a UFO and nobody believed meme" and not think, this could just be a meme. I mean it has meme right there in the title.

I guess this gives a kind of poetic symmetry to the Corey Worthington story - here he is, a full decade later, still baffling the media with their inability to understand The Sesh.


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