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It's been a good few months since the Fyre Festival debacle, but it seems that 2017 isn't done with inflicting horrendous festivals on the unsuspecting masses.

South Carolina's The Gathering promised four stages, 20 DJs and impressive sound and lighting. The festival was promoted by a company called EDM United Events, and attendees paid up to €130 a ticket.



But when punters arrived the found a shambolic operation, with stages cobbled together from plywood, exposed wiring and little else in the way of amenities. As the festival was on a much smaller scale than Fyre, it didn't have quite the same apocalyptic feel to it, but the photos that have emerged are still a sight to behold.


 This was the main stage which looks like a prop from an un-aired episode of People Just Do Nothing.


Stage 2 had an ironic(?) handwritten sign offering to play beats for food.

Attendees were obviously pretty upset about the whole affair and took to Twitter to vent their frustrations. Apparently all the artists were paid, but there have been reports that some of DJs had to help out with the 'construction' of the stages when they arrived on site.


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