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Huge news for Daft Punk fans today, as someone has uploaded full video footage of their iconic Alive 2007 show to Vimeo. What's widely deemed the greatest dance music show of all time has been alluding fans for over a decade. The tour took place just as the first video phones were hitting the market and as such only short, low quality, snippets of the historic performances remain.

That changed today when some angel from on high pieced together this full length camcorder footage with the official soundtrack. The footage is handheld and a little jumpy in places, but it's most likely the best we're ever going to get.

Alive 2007 was a game-changing show, it showed beyond doubt that dance music could fill stadiums, it inspired a whole generation of DJs and producers and, for better or worse, it paved the way for the EDM explosion that would see electronic beats catapulted to the top of the US music industry.

2017 saw many Daft Punk fans waiting with baited breath for the announcement of a third tour, but as we're midway through November now, I think we can safely assume that no announcement will be coming this year.

So until Daft Punk finally get off their aluminium asses and hit the road again, we'll just have to content ourselves with this awe-inspiring video.


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