From clubber to esteemed international resident, Markus shares an affinity with The Gallery like no other – further enhanced by summer’s SW4 reveal of "Dakota" and The Nine Skies project. Markus chose The Gallery Arena for this UK debut which proved an undoubted festival highlight.

Schulz presents a showcase for ‘Coldharbour Recordings’ to mark this final London show of 2017. With the label named after his studio on Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, Ministry always proves a poignant homecoming with a sound undeniably dark and twisted.

Plus welcoming three debuts with guests personally selected by Markus himself to join, Coldharbour Night shares the same ethos as our own to continually nurture new talent. Here each Coldharbour Night participant picks their top track for Friday November 24th at Ministry of Sound.


Markus Schulz presents Dakota - The Spirit Of The Warrior"

Markus Schulz: With it being a big anthemic piece, I can't wait to play it out loud on that soundsystem at Ministry of Sound on Friday night. It is a hugely special and important weekend overall for me, and proud to bring exciting upcoming talents such as Arkham Knights and Solid Stone, as well as a pioneer of our trance scene in Jam El Mar. Being able to highlight the weekend with The Spirit of the Warrior will be quite a moment in The Box on Friday. I can't wait to see all of The Gallery family from London and beyond again this Friday.

Jam El Mar: I’m also choosing Markus Schulz presents Dakota - The Spirit Of The Warrior" as my top track for the Coldharbour Night London. This is the Transmission 2017 theme, fantastic cinematic music which is well arranged to combine everything that is needed for a hammering Trance track. Enjoy.


Arkham Knights - "Knightfall"

ARKHAM KNIGHTS: My pick for Coldharbour Night London is “Knightfall.” I’ve chosen this track because it was our debut single on Coldharbour Recordings and marked the start of a wonderful relationship with Markus and the Coldharbour Team, it was also featured on the iconic Ministry Of Sound Trance Nation mixed by Markus Schulz!


Sama - "Existence"

Solid Stone: My top track for Coldharbour Night London is Sama - "Existence". I’ve chosen this track because it fully encompasses what my sets are all about. Driving, deep and dark electronic music.


Friday November 24th hosts Coldharbour Recordings at The Gallery with Markus Schulz, Arkham Knights, Solid Stone and Jam El Mar. Get tickets and more info here.


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